Small businesses can now easily "do" e-Commerce

Tap Into Your Customer's Marketing Budget!


Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Hosting Providers


Web Designers

Advantages for You, the Partner:

  • Creation of Your Own Merchant Cooperative - Instantly having your own collaboration of merchant customers who are linked to each other through your organization. By providing your customers with the means to establish, automate, and grow their businesses with the use of the Internet, and also providing them with a central location for business development, you become a sole source for your merchant's future growth. This formulates valuable business synergies between your company and your customers.

  • Numerous Revenue Streams - Provides your organization with streams of revenue from the sale of Portal advertising space, software packages, accessory equipment, search engine registrations and subscriptions to your other Portal services.

  • Real-time Marketing Focus - Being able to access your own customers actual marketing information to analyze trends and gauge responses to marketing efforts, in order to quickly adapt to market changes and focus internal strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Advertising - Having your own truly captive audience of customers viewing your advertisements for new and existing products and services, directly related to their specific needs.

  • Total Control of Portal Style, Function, and Content - Having a control room software that allows you to easily maintain all aspects of your Y.E.S.!™ Partner Portal further facilitates seamless integration of YukonSoft's™ technologies. Because YukonSoft™ has completed all of the necessary integration of selected features with our patent protected technologies into your Portal site, your site is up and running quickly.

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