Advantages for Your Customers:

  • Sales/Marketing - Being linked to all of your Y.E.S.!™ customers, as well as the world.

  • Advertising - Being able to purchase advertising space on your Y.E.S.!™ Portal site.

  • Resource Acquisition - Having the resource at their fingertips to quickly locate and purchase products and services.

  • Sourcing Automation - Having the on-line resource for rapid Request For Quotes (RFQs) and streamlined bidding processes for vendors. This automation saves the merchants valuable time and money spent by estimators, purchasing agents, and management, by bridging the technology and communication gaps between the supply and demand initiatives.

  • eMarketing Education - Having the resources available for them to learn the basic and advanced components of Internet sales and marketing.

  • Basic eMarketing - Having their web site automatically registered with countless popular search engines.

  • Advanced eMarketing Opportunities - Having an array of different avenues of advancing their Internet marketing campaigns. They can choose from Search Engine Positioning programs, Banner Advertising services, Strategic Linking services, E-zine Marketing services, Direct Email services, Publicity & Press Release services, "W.O.E." (Word Of Email) Marketing services.

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