Upload Website

Clicking on Upload Website will start the process of actually uploading your complete website to the Internet.

If you have not accurately completed the Account Setup, the uploader will automatically open the Account Setup screen for you to complete.  You will be prompted to enter all necessary information before proceeding as shown below.

If you have not entered critical information that describes your website, such as Website Title and Description, the uploader will be prompt you to enter all necessary information before proceeding as shown below.  If you upload without this information, Internet Search Engines will not be able to index your website properly.  As a result, people may not be able to find your website on the Internet.

During the first stage of the uploading process, the directory structure of your website will be validated and configured so that uploading may begin.  This process will be indicated by the message shown below.

After the directory structure has been successfully validated, the actual process of uploading files to your website will begin.  As your website is uploaded, you will be presented with a display of the progress of the upload.

When the uploading process is complete you should see the following message:

When you click on "Yes" your default Internet browser should open and immediately go to your new website.  

NOTE: If your website appears to upload properly, but you do not see your website or see a different website or web page, make sure that your website URL matches the path for your website on your domain that you entered on the "Account Setup", Public HTML Directory.  If you are uploading your Y.E.S.! website into a subdirectory (Public HTML Directory) of your domain name, you must include the subdirectory name as part of the "Website URL" on the Website and Contact Information" screen.